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- You call a year's delay and a two-week investigation transparent? I like this particularly graphic example of just how transparent your regime is, so I'll post it a second time. Endangering every nation around you ("in waters claimed by" does not equal 'in waters belonging to') drives away allies and diminishes influence. You've provided fresh proof that even within your own borders, you're not the good guy. And for a party to so openly support what you do, I think it's for the best that people are leaving it.

(Notwithstanding my skepticism about an industry that's relied so long on 金融家, it's a pleasure to see those supporting fellow citizens against what should never happen to anyone, relative or otherwise.)

- Where physical ability is collaborative and creative, such as in dance, I don't see transgenderism as an issue - it's a different objective. However, when the point is to measure the physical ability of one competitor against another, pills and operations to modify the body make the competition unequal in ways beyond a person's natural ability. Of course there are variations in different bodies - that's the point of the competition, to see which variations reach an agreed-upon goal more effectively. But when those variations are artificial, that invalidates the result of the competition. TL; DR - you cheat in a sport, everyone loses the game. What sort of human right is that?

(Before I forget, there was an article earlier that posted a broken link to measurements of cis and trans children competing in sports. From what I remember about the article with that link, it looks like the study measured those competitors at an age before their physical characteristics fully developed, so it's easy to claim that those competitors suffered no harm from the comparison.)

- Here's an issue that ties together the issues of physical competition and a hostile regime: forgoing the Olympics is a difficult thing to ask of those who have worked so hard for so long to make it to that level; however, even though a boycott of these games isn't my choice to make, I would heartily agree with it.

- And regarding your recommendations, you gaslighting dubious tool of an aggregator, this isn't me - it's you.

Ending with this reason to seek the sort of truth that doesn't depend on opinion.

(Just for fun: shades of 1984 and LOTR in the title.)

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