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Finally! Coordination's off again, but I caught the last bit - roughly, it turns 你谁? into who the sweatshirt are you? And what is this - AGT with stage play rather than singing?

Blocking a reporter's questions only sets off more bells about the husband's capacity to deal with situations where no prior accommodation can be made for his current communication needs, which only complicate his prior performance on crime-related issues. The damage was already done. Take him home and stay there.

Adding these articles to reflect views from both sides - anybody else looking for an apology when even the more complimentary one reflects the damage?

Adding this because it's silly - why would someone who was falsely accused have a problem with the proverbial wagons circling the actual culprit?

Adding a weather eye on Meph and 微软. (I'm missing a nickname. There's a British slang one that's phonetically close but entirely inappropriate, and Pepper the character tends to whip her boss into shape rather than the other way around. Nah, Jarvis and Friday don't fit either. However, if I'm reading this correctly, there is something of a bright side - 75% of staffers have the potential to be Tony's Nachos.)

匹夫, 痞夫, 痞夫, 痞夫... Visual and written record of the protester pulled in. Yeesh, the least 豺狼小子 could do is align attacks with direct observation. 豺狼小子有撒谎. (Weather eye 看 the cold.)

Adding this to acknowledge a particular cohort of Junction Dwellers.

Ending with this because I'm wondering about altitude.

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