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Exploring once more the reason I like wolves - eee! Link-making function on site going from automatically making link text yellow to link text in blue the way it did in the first place? Eee! (Well, that change back didn't take long, but neither will the fix for what the rhyme won't.)

Somehow it seems like the feed’s current bog standard is using tactics on its audience that caused those numbers to drop in the first place, even within the diversions. Wondering how difficult it must be to see what's become of the sources one uses to make decisions.

(To get a more informed stance on those who exemplify 'for thee but not for me,' I had a look into several different sources - articles contrasted with numbers that have a more detailed account of effectiveness. Just beneath the middle, a disproportionate amount of coverage for comparatively fewer pieces of legislation. The noisy cricket hit harder.)

It's a good thing one can use news aggregators to steer a search in the direction one chooses; even if this device-overheating, resource-hungry tool is piling more reality TV noise into the feed than useful information, there are still enough tidbits for me to keep this Dube around.

In the meantime, keeping a weather eye on 酒肉 朋友. (Splitting the 汉字 for the two articles.)

Adding this because some captioners actually get the acronym right.

Adding this because huh, never seen its flowers before.

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