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Yikes, what happened to that 车子? Earlier study has tied in with current material before, and yet it's still surprising how much it helps with this, specifically with how my count-the-ways dictionary ties 车 directly to 車. 他 的 女儿 是 谁? And I don't hear a difference between 您 and 你 in this client-designer exchange, but the captions make the distinction clear. Yikes, 她的母亲 busted them again at the worst time (geh-heh). I have got to find that article on 岳母 in contemporary context.

Adding this for vocab 台湾, 捷克共和国. (I wonder if it has a form with fewer 汉字? I don't use this often, do I? Unlike the term for 女, 微软.) Adding this as well for vocab 荷兰.

Ah... wow. I'd think this business to be the sort that would do well 在那里 - uh. Hm. I'm trying not to 10:50. (Huh. Nearly forgot that bit of wordplay in here. Wonder if they animated the puddle jumper bit.)

Ending with this new reason to go book shopping.

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