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酒肉朋友 是 谁 的 朋友? 你 的 豺狼 的 朋友 吗, o ang kababayan mo? Sino ba ang i-tulong mo?

Considering that messing with food supplies is a playbook action that targets risky neighbors while enriching themselves, do tell me again, other-than-diplomatic, about motive?

And while I'm still here, 微软 (as is that 汉字 in the IME), I'll ask why y'all have most of the characters (绝不要请看自己的对手) match the pinyin (jue buyao qingkan ziji de duishou) but not the form or meaning of the intended statement. Someone on that IME's development team relying on users being unfamiliar enough with 普通话 to not notice, and careless enough to rely on Meph instead of a let-me-count-the-ways dictionary?

As always, apologies for construction, not sentiment.

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