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Right now, there's only one reason for me to look up a sports website - with a disease that has been given virtually no chance of eradication, how long are people meant to stay put? Masks can be done, clearly, and gardens too (rainy days are a gift), but cabin fever and the need for non-frontliners to make a living are realities as well. Testing equipment comes from where, exactly, and how accurate are they now?*

In the meantime, what can be done to adapt to a world whose certainties are up in smoke?Or are folk too busy with the fear that drives the scapegoating in entertainment?

It's a fair point that attacking non-adult children (say, for a given name) is uncalled for - I shouldn't argue that, and I won't. Perhaps a public figure shouldn't be slammed for exemplifying the willingness to continue bad jokes when they've been debunked (say, the sort with bleach and soap - though I suppose recycling last year's punch lines pays the bills, in this case). I should even be sympathetic to someone who's been pilloried for making a mistake because of a lack of endurance in researching material.

I should also have enjoyed boy bands in my youth.**

However, since non-frontliners do need to make a living, go on with the show. I'll take the example of my favorite comedian (sans drugs) in the meanwhile, and keep observing.***

* Part of today's research.

** Apologies, girl, still don't.

*** Front row seats provide quite a view, born into them or not.

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