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I'll explain in a bit.

Half of the experiment, Day 1.

One third of the experiment, Day 1 - in the two quart jars, I've just under five pounds of onions, some jalapenos, red pepper flakes, garlic, and kosher salt, plus pickling brine at 5% if I've done the math correctly. I'm thinking another pound of onions would fit in these jars. If things go as well as they did with the sauerkraut, these should be ready in a couple of weeks.

The smaller jar (麻婆 豆腐 很 好吃) has roasted garlic in olive oil with a bit of kosher salt.

One sixth of the experiment, Day 1 (Re-enactment) - Cream of butternut squash with roasted garlic olive oil.

Half of the experiment, Day 2 - Later is now. Rootlets! Eee!

Of course I keep in mind vocab 俄罗斯, 乌克兰; 日本 and still there 微软, and oh the choices on Sundowner et al. (Noting "claiming victory at halftime;" and acknowledging, but not linking to, the middle school library.) However, the re-enactment helps.

Adding a note on the word "cultivate" - it's the first I've heard the term in background noise (or seen this particular 电影 at all), but captions (turns out what I first wrote is more accurate, since the 汉字 and the English don't always coincide) in study material repeat the term frequently enough that its importance has to be significant. And while the memory of 金融家 不 需要 你们 remains clear, I do enjoy seeing 巩俐 get kickass. OHHH, IME tipped me off on a play on words! 女, 奴, 怒.

Ending with this because it's an experiment to look forward to.

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