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For so many people, astrology is a belief rather than a mere entertainment. Never mind changes in the movement of planets and stars, a party trick from a marketing-music-philosophy major-turned-astrologer can direct how people live their lives. Want coverage of a card game that might once have been produced by those with decades of apprenticeship at mama's knee? It only takes a quick search to find text generators and star chart calculators that can crank out a copy that's good enough for a laugh. I look forward to welcoming fresh entertainment from that branch of the junction. (Update, not ad: easy enough to see this coming.)

In the meantime:

  • Speaking of the junction... (How can one not pay attention?)

  • There's a reason that snippet of the comeback ad's still on.

  • The dictionary entry 两面三刀 fits better than 佛口蛇心 (can't imagine why those countries would develop such a sentiment), but I think I'll show both here.

  • Wondering how bits of zeitgeist overreach can be made obscure by those who don't want to see their part in it.

Ending with this because it's brilliant on at least three fronts, Trek versus Wars aside.

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