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I'm sure I've used it as an ingredient before, but it's been a while since I've been around that specific allium. In a cultural sense, however, I wonder what the opposite would be. (傲, perhaps.) Sounds like a digression, but in the spirit of not-a-leekie, I review this vocabulary: 立陶宛, 台湾, 澳洲, 日本. Arranged to fit the links, otherwise they'd be alphabetical by 拼音. (Dictionary has 土澳 to look out for, and I should include 维尔纽斯.)

Speaking of 奥, ending with this because I wonder if there are loom knits somewhere on the link in there as well.

Amended to add this number 2, a bit of a word game, and some Junction Dweller. (I wonder if someone's writing this play.)

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