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A few articles regarding constituents' reactions to questionable leadership, here and to follow.

Yikes. Looks like greater-age-less-filter is a global trait.

I wonder if existing captions will change around this issue.

If there was any doubt about relatively newer fronts, I think these articles should clear it up. (Bit surprised about the second one, as I thought the relationship between those countries looked much closer than the article shows.)

Basketball might want to take some tips from this. (I wonder if having games outside those borders would allow footballers to safely protest their increasingly objectionable, very shiny head?)

At once awe-inspiring and sobering, this.

Adding this because books, and this because funny food always helps. (What, take the tempura out ASAP to keep things crispy, or race the soup soaking into the fried breading?)

Ending with this because the multi-tasking conservation here could be just as easily adapted for home use.

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