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It really doesn't take much time to make a new year look like the old one, does it?

I'm grateful for screenshots that keep an eye on who's working to eliminate books. This anger looks familiar, and it's a pity that it pushed people away from a reading (check the thesaurus: interpretation is a synonym in this case) of a book that would actually support their point of view, simply because those same people assumed it didn't. (Check the dictionary: I think both the anger and the assumption define self-limiting in this case.)

The emotion on the part of the author here didn't help, but I can understand that reaction to a story twisted by a teacher too woke to see how the original texts, in retelling historical events, parallel the current situation and are applicable to contemporary causes. (And here I thought part of education was providing information rather than reducing it.) It's a disservice to students for an educator to advocate one truth to the point that those students lose sight of another, but it's a balm to see there are still examples of educators worth remembering.

This next issue is something for which applause is an effort. I can allow a certain pleasure at seeing these opinions (hang on, these two fit too) being put forward now, but I won't deny the instinct to side-eye the community that made it unsafe for this to happen sooner, especially a community living in so many truths that it allowed a fabulista to get away with (how does one conjugate contrahacer? Same as hacer?) for so long. (лгун got a buddy! Silly of me to enable a Hillary, though.) If the willingness to compromise so much of oneself is what it takes to be enviable, I'll continue to leave that to those stargazers whose eyes eternally seek their bellwethers. (No effort required to applaud this, though, even if I never knew this long enough to mourn the loss.)

Still keeping an eye on the dastardly and the 敌害. (There's more than one using that aisle, and leaving shopping carts in the way hasn't changed that.)

Ending this post with these good things.

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