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A continued examination of voting, and a bit etc.

Looking back through my links, I feel awful to have applied the term 白左 to those who continue to conceal and distort information in the manner of the regime they emulate; also, I'd be much obliged if someone could explain how behavior can be construed as 'stuck in the past' when it counters destructive behavior that continues in the present.

I made another mention about having different means to access news, and I have a question based on information from the radio - how true is it that, when it comes to voter IDs, student IDs are a legal form of identification for those who might vote despite not having the legal right to do so because of their citizenship status? It raises questions about a provision in a document I linked to earlier, a provision that reduces the voting age by several years. I hear how repetitively the issue of voting has been turned into a race issue, up to and including President Biden's own words; and given this information, I vehemently disagree with the person I'm glad I didn't vote for.

The racial spin can be (and has been) applied to both pieces of voting-related legislation, but regarding this bill, I quote the portion of this article on "[looking] at the behavior and the targeted behaviors that were disproportionately used by people of color." Intent does matter, I'll allow that, and I've plenty reason to question the intent of a one-party wannabe.

I look first at the emotionally-laden repetition of the denial of food and water while waiting in voting lines (because it does spark an emotional reaction, and I've learned somewhat about others' use of it when presented evidence to counter a claim). I compare it to the section regarding the buying of a vote, and remember from pop culture, the anecdotes of others, and my own experience that compensation isn't always about money. (There is a phenomenon by which one gains approval through acting in concert with zeitgeist rather than in accord with one's reason, for a start.)

As for the drop boxes located inside a building rather than outside - how is that a problem? By reducing access? Are doors locked to prevent access? Are there cameras to monitor access? Is it further away from the sidewalk (and therefore more time consuming) so one can't just pull up in a vehicle alongside, submit a ballot, and drive off? What "behavior and targeted behaviors" are changed by moving the box indoors?

As for this legislation, I can only refer to my own experience, and I'll do so again: if, in order to obtain the right to vote in another country, I have to renew citizenship in that country despite having been born there, the right to vote isn't about race at all. I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again - why is that such a problem here?

There's a one-party wannabe that doesn't live up to democracy, and yet is dumb and deluded enough to deem its name still fits.

- It's tempting to tar this guy with the same one-party state wannabe brush (see, I can do repetitive too) that I increasingly find is well deserved, but I think it's more accurate to say that his opinion and his observations are merely being used against a geopolitical opponent.

- Right or wrong, I have to acknowledge the release of tension at reading these articles (not like a 金融家 would need this anymore). I would have Madam Term Limits consider that this bill, not a domestic stimulus package, is one in which such provisions toward foreign countries actually fit.

- These articles on the same issue allow me to take a slightly more detached look at the issue of intent in an action, this time in relation to journalism. (There's a sign in one image here I'd like to draw attention to, one that reads "Without Fear Or Favour." Does it need to be translated to English Simplified?)

- I wish these small papers well, and koalas to the defendants.

- If beauty is a criterion for a catch, even mama's throwing this fish back, and I'm not talking about looks.

- In total contrast with the article above, I end this post with an article on this man. I don't know how to help you from here, mister, but thanks for what you did; and if this post, despite its delay in providing the link, gives you any sort of boost, I'll be glad of it.

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