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A look at the alternative

What, no more snark? I thought your lot were all about that swag.

Such anger at a person for not confirming a peaceful transfer of power, and yet another refuses to confirm an act that would result in a long-term imbalance of power. That's either a lack of interest in transparency or a heightened preference for CYA.

Statements of sympathy would merit applause if I didn't know they're only up because the posters would otherwise have to delete posts like these.

Am I supposed to choose the leadership of one such as this, knowing his choices are to be made by others, seeing him surrounded by people whose intolerance brings into question any claim they could make to empathy?

Or should I prefer the judgment of those whose actions reflect a history forgotten?

Or that of someone who insists on abrogating the responsibility for decisions he was elected to make?

For those who are trying to look like the better leaders, this situation looks an awful lot like something in a cracked mirror.

But yeah, let's watch the incumbent get infected.

(And by the way, just what are these people teaching?)

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