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A more concrete example of an earlier correction

I gladly support 奶茶; however, I am reminded of how much I dislike milk in my tea. Milk changes the tea's flavor in a way neither lemon nor honey does, obscuring it rather than accenting it, I think. That dislike is odd when considering that the only difference between black tea and chai is, what, spices? And I'm fine with milk in that. Maybe it's because the flavor of chai edges towards something more like coffee, to my taste.

Some lighter musings to preface today's bit of sandpaper. I think these women are the sort of people called 白左 by their fellow citizens, and if that's the case, my goodness have I ever misused the term. It was a mistake to use 白左 to refer to people who emulate those who muzzle these women (a laugh and a half this is, 微软) and (whether one pardons the speculation or not, I think it's called for) do their part to enable this possible rerun of their western neighbor's fate. Therefore, despite what I've seen from this network, I'm glad to have seen this article.

- This as well, actually. I'm thinking this is coverage on the actual scrubbing; and in this link, the tribute is on 8/5-4, at the top of the right-hand page, with a photo of a man standing behind a woman in a wheelchair. (Looking at these bits of news, it's remarkable how the Cable Opinion Network seems a bit less keen on playing sickle after having been caught out.)

- I've only got part of this article, but:

1) I thought that was 'immeubles?'

2) is it 'progress and (et) its curse' or 'progress is (est) its curse?' I'm thinking it's the second.

3) seulement quatre aciéries?

And excuse me for regarding this criticism with a skeptical eye, given this information.

- Fun with recommendations: the headlines I see in articles labeled "For You" are mild in comparison to what the women referred to above must face on a regular basis. This all you got, dubious tool?

- News like this is why I'd rather visit sites that the tentacle beast once sought to kill.

- Ending with two articles: there was an online game that introduced ecological protection measures similar to the turbines in this one, alongside brushfire prevention methods like controlled burns - I wonder if it's still up; and this isn't quite ready to eat yet, apparently, but it's awesome nevertheless.

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