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Fine. Musings.

Chocolate cake with chopped prunes and vanilla-mint buttercream. And the marigolds are well in bloom now, including the tallest, which is nearly as tall as shut up.

Oof at this because even Corona moved up. I wonder, though, if the software in question is only used within the 50; and if there's any other software that could examine the numbers on a larger scale.

Countdown - three, two, one. Embrace your age, Big Guy - it could lessen any prison time.

By the way, the general sense I'm getting is that there's a demand for new blood, new ideas, yet y'all still polling these two who one way or another might just share a room. Is that not a comedian-level warning on what characteristics the collective deems appropriate for a viable candidate? (Not counting Dorian, who has twice now endorsed poison.)

Adding background noise on drugs and vests to 姐姐. (And if Lotus won't cover the border, one can find those who will.) Huh - why do I have the odd feeling that the background noise just covered the "promotion" in my screenshots? You wanna cut back spending? Try scrapping steamers like this.

Adding this because despite the interference shielding you from accountability, your own mind did what they wouldn't.

The direction 豺狼 政权 is going, 豺狼 匹夫, literally kills people; and it's now literally directing the living to 吃苦. What, did you want others to help you cover up the cremation, the "faltering" economy, and the resulting crap construction, to the detriment of those others as well as to your own? Should the zeitgeist see fit to penalize a former head of state alongside the current one who, in ‘meeting your nation halfway,’ sold his nation out to yours, I'll gladly join it; if not, I hold my stance regardless. (Still there, 微软.)

Truth is quite an effective weapon for those who know popularity is fickle.

Ending with this because I got hungry.

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