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- I've seen several definitions of woke, but somehow this recent event encapsulates the meaning of it. How is this language not a problem, and what are you lot praying to? (Still OK with that photo op, politician in a cassock?) Also, didn't someone over there insist on non-gendered language just recently?

(Amended to add: Make a joke. 'It's just a joke.' Act in accordance with the joke. Yes, the ideological narrative is very much reflected in the joke.)

What sort of pills would it take to contort a mind to fit this version of truth? They must exist somewhere, for this to be accepted in leadership.

By the way, the people paying attention to propaganda already know who paid for it, sickles; best keep that pity for the next time y'all pass a mirror. (Or this reason to award points for consistency.)

- Something came up earlier that reminded me of the topic covered in these articles. What have these countries done to make their system what it is? Could some version of that work here? Those are questions I don't mind asking, or hearing from those who are better placed to ask, considering these methods look effective even at a casual glance. (Their people don't look like they're clamoring to get out, for a start.)

- Still keeping an eye on the dastardly and the 敌害. 微软. (Speaking of dastardly, heads up on this bit of resurrected knavery.)

- Before I forget, applause here too. (Analysis of the emo ep in 3... 2... 1...)

- Ending this post with this good thing (which addresses an earlier question on cost as well - bonus).

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