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About time.

In between ads for conservative tea-drinking women and their opposition to equal rights and reruns with edits for a market that doesn't want to hear about the people they still oppress are broadcasts of those who are working to develop policies that enable the resumption of some sense of normal. Which governors are getting which time slots?

Tucked around listicles on crazy parents, silly pets, and foolish mistakes on issues near and dear to the hearts of these proud JBAs (anthropomorphic or anthropogenic climate change?) are articles from those willing to parrot the propaganda of a country that not long ago expelled their colleagues for doing their jobs. (Do I really need to clarify that my use of the phrase "gold star" is a reference to the flag, despite those who would interpret it otherwise? Congratulations on that edit, by the way.)

I will agree that the effort put into politicizing a disease that originated within that country's borders would be better directed elsewhere. After all, there are so many other issues to choose from. (I hope this is a joke, but since funny and insidious can coexist on the same feed, might I suggest that the rumor about 5G causing disease, the rumor that results in sabotage, weakens infrastructure that a competitor already has in development?)

However, no matter what issue comes up, an administration that doesn't even acknowledge the rights of the citizens whose blood and language it shares will not listen to foreigners to whom they have no obligation - it feels that it's reached the point where it can swat away pleas from the lofty outside its borders as easily as it can the more lowly among its own, and the wariness about that government's foreign policy is long overdue.

On a brighter note, if even an apostate can find common ground with an adherent on the issue of a leader's legitimacy, maybe there's some light yet.

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