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Huh. Vocab 意大利 has been popping up, not just in the feed, but in my physical surroundings with noticeable frequency in recent days. Also, yay snippets of visible vocab 德语! (If I'm interpreting this correctly, 德文and 德语 differentiate between written and spoken - dictionary confirms, and ha-hah, I was right at the park!)

Not Black, not Korean, not "the same as any other transplant." Receiving a kidney or liver affects only the recipient. Transplanting a uterus with the expectation of using that organ affects the recipient and the child whose growth and delivery "would require an IVF and a C-section." It was only a matter of time and a relatively small step from this, but wanting to be 'live and let live' inclusive and seeing this sort of activity on a choice which affects more than one body who "wants to be as female as possible" - I'm glad I didn't post this on the weekend.

Reading these articles here has me wondering whether Junior has reason to choose his closer neighbor, a neighbor whose language reflects the esteem held for the country he's slated to head (still there, the 微软 that might be going the way of the 米老鼠). It remains to be seen how his constituents-to-be will fare with their choice. (Regarding what drove the recent election - if info about real estate and tie ins to this bit of history is true, it'll be awkward indeed; however, 文字 reminds me why I chose what I did regarding Junior's predecessor, and there came a point when pragmatism wasn't enough. When a past administration messes with a guy's family to the point where they're more known for their shoe collection, and the only assist a current one can muster is PR, it makes one wonder whether historical and personal ties are enough, and what it takes to earn continued loyalty.)

Adding these articles here because it's a relief to have something that points in the other direction.

Ending with this because it's neon - what is that, a thistle?

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