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Addendum 3/24

As entertaining as it's been figuring out a way around this hurdle, I'm looking forward to repairing this formatting setup.

If I interpret this correctly, whether Madam Term Limits receives Communion or not is not her call to make. (I'd say 'his body, his choice,' but as amusing as I find the use of the phrase in this situation, the comparison is slightly off.)

From what I understand about Confirmation, it's an agreement one makes in order to be part of that specific religious community - XYZ are the tenets of belief and expectations of conduct, and one makes a fully informed commitment (having years of experience to inform that commitment) to live with those beliefs and that conduct. And if I recall, Birthing Parent Day was an associated thing. (Yep, I do recall.)

But why not speak to the fratello above him? I'm sure he'd be up for another photo op, and complicit as he's already been with a 兄弟, he might be more accepting of "pretty much" the one thing that leads to drastic consequences for so many.

Adding this to ask where one can find a clip of just the hearing itself (likely C-Span), since it seems like those who watch a counterweight network are associated with a particular sort of face than those who watch, say, a Cable Opinion Wreck. (Nielsen.) Adding a caveat in case this video or related ones stray into human trafficker はげ territory.

Yep, C-Span. When uninformed opinion leads to political action at this level, there is every need to speak up, and every danger with stifling oneself for the sake of niceness.

Ending with this because not my religion either, but -nomy is fascinating.

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