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Addendum 4/10

If my observations are correct, umbelliferous seedlings arch more and green up more quickly than nightshade seedlings; and nightshades (solanaceous? yep) stay in their seed coats longer, while the umbelliferous slip them off as they leave the soil. Fiddly work, transferring these wee ones with a toothpick. (Observations confirmed so far - anticipation mounts for food and fencing out furry little Farquaads. ...Those who write like chatbots as if it'll save their jobs can give the pinkhead PETA hysterics a rest - they're cute, but the point of peppers is to make it easier for them to stick to dandelions.)

I have the oddest feeling the feed's been catfished again - trail running plus dinner and a movie? I'd pity whoever's played with mistaken identities this time, but I don't; and the sooner the keywords realize I quote and screenshot its own words, the better. I, meanwhile, will continue to note these developments and link to them when and where I can; because though the adage warns against conflating memory with intelligence, the deliberate rewriting of recorded events to the point of deletion ensures that I take care not to conflate intelligence with virtue. Thank you for teaching.

Which shouldn't be a problem considering poll numbers in comparison to this record; there's nothing in this to conflate.

By the way, if I understand the gist from the radio correctly, the analysis is that all an ousted politician can do in another run for office is increase the chances of another four years of Shady Pines. On that matter, I've already got my own list; despite agreeing with the stances he's taken on a number of issues, and despite hearing and reading news on how weak the hush money case is against him, he wasn't on the list last time, and he isn't on it now. (Since the material in this segment seems to tie to a certain segment of the population, I'll add that はげ can change his look all he likes; he's still a human trafficker.)

Snickering at 熊兄弟.

Ending with this to look forward to the herb harvest.

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