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Adding some vocabulary

- He's right not to be afraid of that label - it's inaccurate to describe reaching out to the leader of another religion as heresy. Doing so while neglecting people of his own, not to mention those who belong to the religion of the other leader, that is something I will call 胆小.

- My, the jokes just keep on coming - wE'rE fRiEnDs, nOt rIvAlS, aNd wE nEeD tO gEt aLoNg. More 毒蛇 than 天鹅, this. (Note: attaching links must be done using more than one hanzi.)

- That was quick, and to a 邦人. (Why is it 邦人 in the dictionary and 帮人 in the IME?)

Ending here because I like bats. (The flying and the fictional, not so much the fricasseed.)

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