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Ain't that balanced of ya?

Yikes, does study material ever look like a shoujo manga.

(Adding 王后 for study material coverage, though 女王 fits better. Never mind, there it is. Hang on... both terms are for the same rank, whether it's by marriage or by birth, with the difference in function.)

Huh. Surprisingly easy to find more info on a consideration to part of boo's discussion of what has to be prioritized over prosecution when it comes to crime reduction, and it sounds like credit for that thud continues to rest on that side of the fence.

I'd like to restate that these events are the fruit of the policies chosen and the politicians voted for, and those who chose and voted otherwise are right to refuse the onus for them. So the background noise can play as it will, people are still leaving and businesses are still declining in more places than one. (Can't wait to see how this affects West Side business.)

And, given these results, how interesting of them to continue thinking they know best.

Adding these articles because retconning yet again?

Keeping a weather eye on a bloc out east.

Ending with this because I fell off my chair laughing at study material.

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