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Interesting concept, the use of a defense as an offense. The difference between debris and a bullet is gravity's the only propellant; and if I remember correctly, despite being a defensive measure, chaff has propellant. (Yep, memory works - check the bit on dispersal.) Moving into position and aiming in another's general direction makes the rest of the act plenty hostile, despite its imprecision.

For being of an ancient culture, this 政权 sure can act like a five-year-old, reacting so to provocation. (Well, around five - they were slippers, and it was at least 10 years ago. They're entirely conventional weapons at this point. I digress.)

Taking a cue from 酒肉朋友 as a base from which to adapt? They must know they're next.

Adding this because I wonder if The Spin in a snit now the fella they hyped for the top seat doesn't need help looking the way he does. (Thanks, I think? because of the circumvention under investigation here.)

Ending with this because aah.

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