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All laced up

If this method of switching IMEs is a new one, kudos to 微软 for the convenience. Not too much, though, considering my reason's still there.

Yikes, mass mailer - looks like there's never been a better time to flee, apparently. Congratulations to the party for hyping Mr. Lomax into power and learning a language to appease 金融家. (Adding 家人.) At least one can discard moments of Tone Deaf social media to cheer moments of about flipping time.

I have to laugh at "It Is OnLy A ReEf," even though that joke's been done. I wonder if the geography terms 斐济, 巴布亚新几内亚, 汤加, 萨摩亚 were running for the door even as I first read objections made to the deal. (Oh, here's another joke: "mUtUaL rEsPeCt and cOmMoN dEvElOpMeNt.")

Glad I remembered this new term: 润学.

Adding this because I would be fascinated to see what effect the absence would have.

Ending with this, to which my immediate response is that he isn't. His material looks more like a combination of life experience, extensive reading, and stating the obvious. That's what the article contends, in the sense that his purpose was that of the biblical figures to which it refers (a contention I could agree with) rather than any association with prophecy as foresight. Same spirit as this, really. (Whoa, the timing on this.)

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