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Already got rose recipes, thanks

Though I do like that movie with the tulips and the AAA going through the windshield. My take on that industry will need far more than a rerun for it to change in its favor, but that flick's a laugh I could definitely use.

The Dube must know by now that maintaining at cosmetic level the changes in its aggregator have earned the sentiments in my feedback. I wonder if it's considered that the preponderance of noise-not-signal articles that have populated it recently would drive readers to other methods with which to inform themselves if these changes are common to all of its users. In the meantime...

Five? It would be interesting to read the material in question in the interests of obtaining context, but it must be difficult for The Junction to choose as a sales method between making the event seem like a mass walk-off and minimizing it as just so much chatter. Either way, I continue to hold the one who named that Junction in considerably higher esteem.

Adding this because yes, why indeed?

Adding this because 看错 happens. Still snickering, though.

Adding this in case a heads up is needed.

Ending with this because apparently there still are tulip recipes.

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