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I wear masks because it makes sense to me. Before COVID, it seemed an effective precaution during cold and flu season in countries where wearing them was already a norm. (Echo.) How many people looked at mail-in ballots similarly, comparing it to places that have tried that method or are using it? I've one example in print from earlier that warned of the risks involved with that method of voting where it's already a regular option, as well as one first-hand anecdotal example of why it's normally banned in countries that have tried it. (That example prompted a search that turned up this older story, among others, et merci pour ta tutelle.) Yes, I've heard of the tracking system used around here - it wasn't entirely infallible either, n'est-ce pas? Also, how many counts had to keep an eye on their volunteers as well as on their ballots? My own experience with the primary mail-in has put me off the idea, so the knowledge that I put my own paper through that machine is one worry off my shoulders. I'll keep watching the counts, thanks.

I'd read something earlier along the lines of focusing one's thoughts on an unwanted event has the contradictory effect of bringing about that event. When it comes to those who use prior information to sound a warning about problems already developing, accusing them of bringing about those very problems is about as delusional as accusing a fire alarm of wanting a fire.

By the way, here's another example that'll have a time finding any selflessness in the choice, only here it's set aside charity rather than policy. Miss the coverage on how much money went into campaigns that didn't catch the wave? And on the question of terms, he's already little more than a figurehead. It's stubbornly memorable how often the names on that ballot have been flipped by multiple speakers, including the headliner himself, and it's clear which of the two is driving.

Also - oy, but those numbers look painful. (In the words of Top Gear: oh no. Anyway...)

To end on topics that have less to do with the above:

This doesn't seem to address the issue on recycling materials at the end of the turbine's life, but it does show more flexibility and higher power output.

Copy? What copy? How could the one possibly be mistaken for the other?

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