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And yet this year already sounds familiar.

Ectopic pregnancies and other medical emergencies - without the resources to preserve more than the mother's life, I can see something of why one would choose to save only one. Rape and incest are beyond my experience to discuss, other than to offer condolences in a situation where none of that might make a person feel any better, along with a suggestion that there are faith-based organizations with counseling for and alternatives to abortion (don't know how well they help, but they're available, including within the article that prompted this).

Then there are the situations where the candlelit romances (or that last bottle) make one care less about the consequences because feeling alive's more important just now.

It sounds contradictory to me to be so concerned about life on the planet in general, or about protecting the life of an animal or that of a person of a certain gender or skin tone, and yet to contest legislation about life that A) has the capacity to be any gender or skin tone and B) is created because one couldn't be bothered to keep it (or at least a condom) in one's pants. However the situation came about, it's not just one life anymore, but when it comes to pregnancies due to casual sex, any love in this scenario's only for the person who uses one's own readiness (or lack thereof) for parenthood in order to choose whether or not that new life continues, regardless of whether that life wants to continue or not.

If opposition to this new attempt at legislation is from those who just applauded their own piety in the application of the law, tell me this isn't a complaint about using civil rights language to protect another life that can't fight for itself, because it's starting to sound (to me, of all people) like a contradiction of that piety.

Then again, maybe that's just nerd politics talking, if that term means the presentation of a layman's view of trans and race and women's and environmental issues as portrayed in the media. If that's causing some discomfort, I'm sure there's a mantra available to fix that, or one could always shift one's focus to pork and dairy.

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