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Another for the cabinet

It isn't often that I find a pleasantly filling reason to cheer, but oh my, that was medicinal.

I'd have to use a word other than cheer for the rest of this news.

Now it's more than individual 国, 微软 - I'd be much obliged for an explanation of

why I have to go to 日本语 to fix 奴儿.

What reason is there to play nice when IME's going after 半截 of humanity the way the 政权人 goes after red banner hill? (Apologies for errors in construction, not for sentiment.) And considering new developments on the ground, I'm quite comfortable using 大意 豺狼 政权 to tie in to that situation.

Adding this because I might not have any intention of voting that side, but I'm glad to see someone willing to take the risk.

Ending with this because Team Cilantro forever.

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