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Any more unfinished business?

A half-baked process declared enough to make a politician look bad? Didn't they just release this foolishness in theaters, but with fur?

Please tell me that this speculation on a course of action for such a long-awaited trial rests on more than party leadership saying something's done, convincing its immediate circle that it's done, who then convince others among their media connections that it's done, when it isn't done.

If one's trying to convince an audience that all this song and dance is enough to leave an historic black mark on a politician who has survived so far with other such marks, it looks worse for the show than it does for the politician. (All we need is for him to look bad forever, and we got it, yay, finished, next game.) "Unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan" - if the people meant to make the decision aren't convinced enough to break that party line, compelled by what's presented to them, then they won't.

For the argument on positions so deeply entrenched that no evidence would move them - if I remember correctly, there was a group on the blue team that considered censure over impeachment. Empathy's not enough to read whether the intent there was to prevent a trial that damages more than a politician or to deal with uncertainty in what was to be presented at trial, but that looked rather like movement on the blue team's side.

From what I've read, there was a suggestion on a competing network about having a due date for submission of the articles once the indictment was complete, and I'm wondering if that suggestion would be helpful in this situation. At least it was speculation on an action that would push things forward, rather than leave the trial in limbo. (Is leaving such a thing as it is even possible?)

You wanted a trial this badly, so finish it. Or admit that, with all your capabilities, you've done something wrong by rushing this trial in the first place, and fix what you can. Either way, there's no going back.

(Hey, an edit to the article. They did that in theaters too.)

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