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Are paper newspapers still a thing?

Because I'd like to get back into those. (Belated memory of study material - don't remember if it's traditional or simplified. Traditional.)

The reason for wanting processed tree flesh is this reminder of a person who I think found another to fan over (this vid?); as well as an entirely questionable - is educator even the correct term? Not the best reason, considering this mirror of contemporary behavior has been removed. What, did it sting badly enough for folk to want it deleted? (And what sincerity is there in an apology without change?)

Adding this for background noise on questions regarding who's a good financial tool? Way to delay to the end of the day.

Adding these articles because if this is true, then maybe they haven't learned. (Study retention also shown in the use of one's own poll to push a point and calling it non-partisan. Seriously, Junction, looking for another lesson on bad research?)

Adding these articles here because ick, seriously, don't.

Adding this just in case constituents can read. (I hedge, remembering this map.) Also this, because it looks to me like politicians don't trust science when it doesn't suit them. Addendum: if I understand the politician's supporting argument correctly, the tissue that develops into the full-sized heart emits rhythmic pulses that correspond to, and are interpreted by the machine as, a heartbeat. Try again, politician.

Adding 酒肉朋友.

Adding this because it sounds an awful lot like shabu-shabu. No change, ick-apologist.

So looking forward to food. (I wonder where their security cameras are?) Addendum: funny how key words in the aggregator's headlines on related topics changed when I typed that ^ up. Why wouldn't a dubious tool streamline software by using the same method for all readers' recommendations, not just what one reader catches in screenshots?

Ending with this because I wonder if there are any pots that account for having one side to a wall or in a corner.

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