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Are those columns structural support?

This is the first I've watched Captain Sparklefingers from the start and oh man-boy, am I glad I did. Also, much agreed on the beer.

When one wants to save time in one's day by limiting one's social media usage, sometimes it pays to wait for additional information. How respectable of legacies to expose someone who exposes - y'know, when it comes to games of word association, I'd like to connect "cat" and "Vaseline" with "veterinarian," not "schoolteacher."

Keeping an eye on these articles, of course, because one must seek information from multiple sources.

(Also, applause to the tentacle beast - visit a mate overseas lately? There must be another appropriate response besides unionizing when a fella wants to play a phallic object for extended periods of time.)

(Also also, I'd be remiss in omitting these articles - not what I expected, but the walls hereabouts will be crepe-free.)

Ending with this because I'm wondering if mazaher works instead of maward. (Update: it does.)

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