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Augmented reality?

I was the sort of kid who put the lips on Mr. Potato Head's body simply because I found it ridiculous to restrict an inanimate object to one toy or the other, certainly when the thing fits on both. (It's easier to word that now than it was then.) If the pieces are interchangeable between these bodies no matter which honorific is on the box, then it's foolish to argue over packaging. Just because Wokestan treats human bodies like plastic toys isn't going to change that.

Using surgery and hormones to alter one's body for sex affects the person altered most of all - since sex has become comparatively more casual, any sex partners have also become a peripheral consideration. Using that changed body for a pregnancy is another matter. The baby relies completely on the mother's* body as it develops, and even pregnancies in a cis mother* with addictions or certain medications can be affected by those substances.

These non-medical alterations put the baby at undeserved risk, and there's already been at least one instance where mistakes on all sides resulted in the loss of a life. (Unless there's still a distinction between a stillborn baby and a fetus.) The chart said male, the treatment was for a male, and the patient said trans. I wonder if there was a point where the patient could no longer clarify that (unconsciousness because of sedatives or otherwise, perhaps). I'm less likely to find fault with the medics treating the patient according to the chart, working with the information they had, so what's the alternative?

Just because no person deserves that sort of loss, and knowing one's own choices contributed to that loss has to be painful enough, doesn't make it any less of a struggle to reword that into something more charitable.

(*Wait, mother's the wrong term now, isn't it? Is gestational parent with chestmilk better? I'm waiting for such language to be promoted here so Wokestan can inform me just who's diminishing women again, and I think it'll be a brief enough wait.)

Speaking of plastic body parts, wasn't there a thing about artificial womb trials? Last I saw, it was being tested with sheep fetuses. (Here it is.) What effect has that had on the animals born from that process? And since this looks like it could apply to ectopic pregnancies as well, can anything be inferred about effects to humans who want something similar?

- I thought I'd add another collection of that's-on-you recommendations from one of the tools through which I get my news:

rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun yeah, no.

- Such is the value of hashtags when they don't benefit the people who generate them. (And you seek to determine what's the right thing for those who follow you? Learn your sense of humor from those 敌害 (IME 2) 金融家, did you?)

- Here, have some numbers on that thing from a couple nights back.

- So why doesn't the current top politician in a cassock feel the same unease? Or are those photo ops getting in the way?

- Restricting such views from children is understandable, but I don't understand why publication of these books is ending altogether when "Mein Kampf" hasn't. Nope, still not into book-burners.

- Here's something to encourage captioners to watch their spelling and grammar, knowing that others will be doing the same.

- And here's a "right time to plant a tree" bit of news to end on.

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