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Drat, I thought there was another airing of study material. If I read the schedule blurb right, it didn't mention the earlier of the two times I'm aware of, so a third would have been quite welcome. Current one's subtitled rather than captioned.

That's it, Sundowner, control the narrative - you'll catch up to 熊兄弟 and 오빠 soon enough. (Congratulations to her, but I'm certain the Brandon Clan know that restricting coverage in this way rather than banning it entirely follows the stereotype of politicians using family events for PR. Then again, looks like you need it.)

Speaking of controlling the narrative, adding these articles along with another reason to keep the bird. How conservative is the Mx., pray tell? (Condolences are in order, but the difference between the attacker and the people to whom the attack was attributed keeps the sentiment colder than it ought to be. I wonder at the amount of change there's been from the time a clown with a noose and a sandwich got a "beatdown," to... well, now.)

While I'm at it, here's what I suppose is a heads up regarding an elected official whose "bought and paid for" argument is only slightly more nUaNcEd than the one for fracking. (Crypto Bro didn't contribute directly to his campaign - he paid into the PAC that paid for the ads. Of course it's dIfFeReNt.)

Adding this here for the day.

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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