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Balance with upper body movement?

Saw a convoy of buses with a heavy police escort on the road earlier. Spared a thought for all the traffic honking behind it, and considered lucky the cars in front of the blue-lit motorcycles. Wondered if the convoy might be tied to this yikes, but if it was, it wasn't heading back to the office.

I'd say thank you for not running, but there are several reasons to agree with the admonition to bookmark:

Question at 0:24 - who does your morning makeup if you don't trust your mirror?

Is it a misdemeanor or a felony to flout your own state's travel ban? (Or are you just intent on teaching the other 49 how to double down on stupid?)

In naming your opponents as "dominating by illusion," are you running for High Projector Extraordinaire? (Found a darkly funny comment section instead of the state Come Back ad I searched for, Meph. Ah, found it. Why do search results vary between browsers? Hang on - it's this ad, only the sound's missing. Bonus find: all the other ads begging for tourists to come back to what now?)

And aside from all the issues faced by the state you're supposed to lead - not the state your in-laws moved to - why should a country trust your leadership when they, who lived with you and in full view of the conditions resulting from your leadership, don't?

You're facing the results of what you and yours did to win at politics, as are those of your constituents sentenced to living under those conditions. I, for one, want better.

Adding this weather eye on the beginnings of a cold. (Huh. 冰水不医治病疫?)

Adding this because 加油. And this because, despite the vaguely Valentine-y feeling, استمر.

Adding this because now that the partnership's hit its limits...

Ending with this because horses have to wait a bit.

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