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Because I'm reminded of an event that might fit earlier in the year

While the display of emotion is not necessarily weakness, there's a sense of The Junction busily painting some sort of justification over a situation whose optics are crushingly bad-deplorable-execrable-ignominious-nasty. The consequences are considerably more serious than a quarterback losing a school ballgame, but the plastic pep rally feel is there nevertheless, extended index fingers included. (That sense I mentioned earlier shows up in 3 and 7, and while I'm oversimplifying matters by choosing to allot the onus for this to the current administration, the only time I have to deal with is the time I have now.)

And while there's little to celebrate in having chosen someone other than this quarterback (though I'll admit to relief), maybe these people could use a boost instead.

- Interesting, this, in how it considers the practical hardships of extended off-the-grid living and its effect on those who choose it.

- Adding this to keep a weather eye on the related issue. (Still there, 微软 - I may have used that link before.)

- Ending with this because though the article's been corrected to reflect another invasive hornet, I wonder if a similar trap could be used to harvest the larger insect in a manner that allows its use as an ingredient.

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