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Because music happened

Reruns help me check "you're once" versus "girls," as well as reminding me that I like to SING.

So excommunication would be acceptable if the adherent undergoing it is not a politician? No profession has to incorporate their religion into their work, politics included, but it sells. Excommunication in this case would simply erase one marketing tactic used on constituents. Also, true or false: the current narrative surrounding the Speaker looks like the other side of the mirror from mere months past. What drives photo ops, what drives policy, and what drives how they're presented? Because it certainly doesn't look like either religion or objectivity are behind those that do whatever they want, regardless of the teachings of their proclaimed faith, and regardless of any other rules by which they're empowered. (What information I've learned on tax-exempt organizations in relation to state size, though, might support the other part of the argument.) Also also, the Speaker's issue isn't the other end of the lifespan (what was that about no action?).

Adding this because it'd be a treat to see some on the list heading overseas for a visit, and this because #6.

Adding this because 蚕食.

Ending with this because I'm crossing my fingers that reality crosses into the origins.

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