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Because pho, that's why

What are you talking about "relatively right?"

Sundowner's talking about Defund being wrong because those who were proponents of it were made to face just how wrong it was. The count's going up against a vid platform because of evidence coming out on, not just how intrusive it can be, but how it is manipulated; and I wonder which ideological side is closer to the people who are just joining it, now that ratings for plastic pageantry awards shows are about where they should be.

The numbers on people who wrote better in school than they ever did with the card games and star charts that AI can now generate from material they copy and paste anyway (sometimes without changing the signs in the text beneath the headings) are draining because of coverup (or 'cleanup') after delusion (it's spreading) after erasure (memory endures). The numbers of the trucks carting out the people who can leave to the places they'd rather be are, thankfully, clearer.

Moving the consideration of the refusal to recast an aspirational part, understandable as it may be, for the benefit of actors like the first in that part, since I find the question of recasting the man behind the cowl as sensible as replacing gas stoves. (Does the first bit sound familiar? Maybe it's because I haven't changed my mind on it since I first posted it.) Having an existing character take up the cowl is one thing, and what's not aspirational about that guy? Nope, I call shoehorning. (Adding this because memory endures here, too.)

Meanwhile, guess which sort of names I find more often on psychology studies, and which I find more often on those for tech? 躺平 and 摆烂 as they are, that's the zeitgeist I'm running into, especially when I've every reason to spell vErItAs using alternating caps and call Brandon a bus to Shady Pines.

That's information from both ideological sides on politics, science and technology, journalism, entertainment, demographic change... have I missed any reason on why I ask what you're talking about, "relatively," or should I go back into the archives for veganism's crop supports and radioactives flying your flag (since alphabet soup exists regardless of the letter in parentheses) as well?

Adding this for the 河蟹. (Yum. Also: no, Meph. Besides, it hasn't been long since I took screenshots of how "reliable" that translator is.)

Ending with this because it's medicinal.

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