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Before I head to study material

Interesting timing of these martial arts movies. I'm thinking Stammerer and The Firm timing rather than Doc's Cat.

I might be able to understand the need to appease a nearby still-there-微软 threat, but why is it that vocab 立陶宛, as small a nation as it is, is consistently more outspoken in its opposition despite threats to its own economy and, considering that no-limits-partnership, its borders? What does it take to transfer to other regional neighbors connections and resources that would otherwise rely on the hostile salami slicer?

In response to Gregory Anton, I took another look at the ideological balance at The Junction. (What an example to match my reading material!) I was wondering when exactly this particular set of numbers was posted, which is why I thought to compare it to this article in terms of its upload date. Even this comparatively small selection of articles show an imbalance increasing over years (five, if my count's accurate). Also, here are a few reminders of the leader Greg's lot has chosen. (Keep both labels, do.)

Adding these articles because my curiosity about study material that might be thereabouts is surprisingly limited.

Study material's captions this time, rather than subtitles, and I thought 苹果 was apple (didn't quite look like the fruit I saw on screen before this came up behind the dancers). An aside mid-study - whoa, look who kept going.

Ending with this because I'm rooting for a crowbar.

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