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Better make that BOB and gloves

There are others before me who have noticed that the reaction to one страна has been far heavier than that to its neighboring 国. It's blatant, the difference in how sweeping the consequences have been, to sports organizations and entertainment ventures, cultural (note the opera - pun not intended), technological (ahem, 微软), and financial institutions. In place of the term 'bandit' here, I might use 'mercenary,' in that the contrast between this reaction and the appeasement applied further south links to the term '金融家.'

As wary as I am about the implications of tech consequences tied to this issue, I've a serious question with more than a bit of where's-the-nearest-BOB: I wonder whether these hits on so many fronts are coming because these organizations aren't as financially reliant on the northern neighbor or because they're making up for the prolonged inability and unwillingness to take a stand regarding the southern neighbor.

(While I'm thinking of it, I wonder if 政权 was the term I'd used earlier in place of 国 - something on a protest sign in the photo for the related article.)

An aside because FoLlOw ThE sCiEnCe.

Ending with these articles because, despite the air of stans-versus-political-convention rerun and a knock-wood on whether the establishments in question are still standing, I think they're a clever way to help.

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