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Birds in the aisle, etc.

- Here's a link to remind me why exactly that 四害 thing was enacted, and another that explains the initial inclusion of 麻雀 (because the use of 燕雀-不-天鹅 is only accurate in the related adage). Specifically this bit:

"Sparrows were included in this list because they consume rice and other seeds from agricultural fields."

That specific pest was included, was it, because it took a food source meant for someone else? What merit is there in asking or demanding a 敌害 to be anything other than itself once it's stepped fully into its role? (This link in particular has a map of the overlapping carts in 不是 你的 过道.)

- It's a bit sandpaper to be as glad as I am to read these bits of news, but having read about the flock of sparrows, I am glad.

- Reading about eliminating a source of learning is a bit more sandpaper; even so, I'm glad there are people keeping an eye on this issue. (The former diplomat's take on the institutes in question is something I find especially informative.)

- While reading this article (speaking of gaslight, cough-nepotism-cough and I'm definitely more 77% - think they left any numbers out?), I thought I hadn't heard of the Hyde Amendment, let alone a rider for it, but the entry on that amendment reminded me of one of the topics raised in the debates earlier. I wonder if photo ops have taken the place of indulgences?

- My first reaction to this is: second-seat headliner isn't just messing with domestic jobs and energy, he's messing with jobs and energy on an international level? How's that work with this? That first article in this section highlighted something I shouldn't be surprised about, though - the border's an inherited problem, but apparently claiming the sanction thing's fine. (Seeing multiple sides on this one topic makes me almost pity the head that wears the crown. Still not entirely sure it's his head, though.)

- If I had any questions about my stand on here's your sign (only if pressed, still not sorry) being less about intuition and more about pseudoscience for the credulous, this article lays those concerns to rest.

- Ending with this because 'tis the season, and these movements are fascinating.

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