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Bloomin' heck

Must have a bit more emphasis on the day, of course, especially considering the timing of one of the larger stories in this news cycle. (If it hasn't been brought up yet, this might help address the immortal comedian's postpartum issue.)

When did I upload a hunch that a leak of an unfinished decision was made to force a specific end? (And if I needed any further proof that reruns reflect current events - come now, he's hardly Loki.) No card games needed to foresee this sort of reaction.

Adding a side-by-side comparison of different priorities. Huh - when did this one change? I wonder if I should expect folk to be up in arms about it or if the same people who wanted its opposite will justify matters with an offshore location and constituents' actual needs upending their campaign speeches. Again, I mean.

(Bit of a tangent, these two, but the difference in priorities has a similar - what's it called now? - vibe.)

Adding this might-have-heard-it-before thing that's more impactful now. Religious considerations aside, I still hold that, when measuring zeitgeist's level of seriousness (heart attack or nose job) in considering this procedure, it leans toward the latter.

A quick exercise in sentence construction: 他们 是 酒肉朋友. (Also, 嚷嚷.)

Adding a reading exercise from - cosmonaut colors ridiculous at the same time as blocking staff's escapes? (Yep, by days.) And considering the score from one who had to ask for help, I think the other can handle this.

Ending with this in recognition of the day. (Except dahlias. Pretty, but they're the plant version of lawn chairs.)

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