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Boik 3/24

They're energetic wee things, these sprouts! It took only a few hours for them to seek the grow light - I turned the tray just before starting this, and already they're starting to lean back towards it.

I don't mind repeating the reminder that there's a WAP in office who since his campaign confused his position with that of his second, and I'd like to add a snippet from a book by a writer whose place in my reading material can stay at CYA articles:

"The last thing Joe Biden must have expected upon fulfilling his dream of becoming president in January 2021 was that a year later he would face a Russian invasion of Ukraine and the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II." - A Bridge Too Far

Considering evidence that "doesn't look good" even to those who would ordinarily back this WAP, there's a new slang term out - "delulu," if I'm right - which, if I understand it correctly, entirely fits those who elected him.

(Dude, they're upright! Like Weeping Angels do they move, only they're happier and you can eat them.)

And since those who elected him seem not to mind so much what he and his administration do with impunity - (74% on foreign policy? Much as I agree with supporting 乌克兰, it's as if the situation in 沙特 - oh, 伊朗 as well, it seems - and 台湾 slipped through the cracks.)

If such people are willing to swallow these whoppers from that WAP, perhaps that's why pinks exist among them, who individually and as a collective left an opening for a 豺狼 政权 to feed the same. (Do you intend to label this criticism with the same lazy argument, Exhibit B?)

If those who are so capable might see fit to make a stand more firm than it is now as opposed to reassuring yourselves with your entertainments (which, if I can supplement them from elsewhere, so can innumerable others), I'd be much obliged. As the situation stands, I find cause to say again - way to go, pack-leds.

Adding this for vocab 北韩.

(Squash overload! Stuffed blossom solution.)

Ending with - I've heard of this creole, but tend to think it was around only in my grandparents' day. Still incredible to see that the language is still alive.

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