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Boop only works for noses.

I've not seen this cartoon webcrawler before. Doughboy poke!

Thanks for these examples of how a party proves its priority is the narrative. A social media account is made on someone else's device, and that "feels kind of air gapped" enough? One could write a horoscope with that level of rationalization.

A guess that whoever's collecting information only has to associate the one person's account with the someone else's device instead and access what info they can through that device. But hey, the chase is fine so long as it isn't on your phone. (Reminder to self - read a little further so I don't have to reword warnings made by those closer to you.)

Adding this because, apart from the falling population stats named in the article, 儿子, 女儿 (WT utter F, 微软?!) 是 父亲 的 半截. Belated realization that 微软's IME fits 父亲 的 tantrum.

Not ending with anything because my curiosity stays in the draft this time around.

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