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If one looks at the news, not so much as a cycle where topics repeat but as a process, one could look back a few months where news abounded regarding a condition whose awareness month was attached to racial awareness ("huh, my life has a hashtag" is the reaction I remember having). It was then followed (I'll keep to the order I recall as best I'm able) by news on family structures, notably in hierarchy regarding age, then by race in relation to attitudes toward authoritarian governments.

I recall following that process with some interest, but little relative comment. However, I think this particular process opens the door to question the capacity and judgment of those with opposing political stances. (Incidentally, there's a food-related tip that just came back up in the cycle - 'ingredients that smell good together are likely to taste good together' is one which works out, as it happens.)

If one were to question, for example, why someone tasked with issues on land decided to head to international waters, such a question might be set aside. (Not that I mind eyes on the issue, Lotus to POTUS - the more the better in this case - but who's dealing with the southern border, and is the radio accurate about 40 in a pod meant for 10?)

And if one were to put forward a personal experience regarding continued divisiveness on racial issues within these borders, such a one might be pushed to the wayside as well. (How many comparisons have there been made between the situation here and the country a person flees?)

Maybe I'm just painting this as the latest scenario in a life-mirrors-art sort of games, but my heavens, it seems like somebody's being a busy bee of a gamemaker. (Sent a message to confirm whether or not a comment I made on an article a few months back went to a particular writer. If it was, the blog's a new-to-me development.)

Then again, there's plenty other news to consider reading. (Especially curious about that third link.) Hang on, nearly forgot this heads-up.

Ending with these two because I want to try the first and see what a mashup with the second would be like.

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