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But you make it so easy, guv.

I am so looking forward to this chili fence! (Digression. Don't care. Cheerful.)

"Lazy punditry" is rich, coming from Finger-The-Mirror and on MSNBC. When you lie this blatantly, and when the effects of your policies literally reach from sea to shining sea, it takes little effort to point it out. Do I quote this writer in mentioning your state's "12th-largest tax burden" and reminding you of those who still choose to leave? (Belated realization that both bits of "those who still choose to leave" are ads, not just the vid.) Maybe I should add instead the reminder of the surplus-to-deficit transformation that says you don't "have to be a profligate to be progressive," but you are all that P.

The effect of your decisions, Mr. Newsom, crosses distances into my own life. For that effect am I glad you've mentioned not running for a higher office, and would respect the choice to maintain that earlier decision.

Adding this for vocab 台湾 and 印度, and 食人 豺狼 政权. (While searching for the adjective to the third part of the previous statement, ran into an adage that applies to an earlier situation - 自食 恶果. Hm. Cookies?)

Adding this to keep an eye on the process from "no limits" to '废弃废物.' Which one of the others is next, I wonder?

Adding this for - it'd be interesting to have a look at how far back was my first post with an article on the issue, but it's enough to have yet another confirmation of 中国 的 豺狼 政权 gaslighting showing up in the mainstream. I wonder how many Junction Dweller 废物点心 (洋垃圾? NPCs?) have ended up (to put it kindly) selling out to some 五毛人渣. (Give it a rest - far as I know, the comedian's not the sellout, but he sure is describing them.)

Saving a space for articles in case I need to ask whether those who Mad Lib the SEOs are still operating off a (was it Barnum? - not exactly, but the saying's tied to him) policy of 'all publicity is good publicity,' because I don't mind mixing the pseudoscientific vileness and the trashy sellouts in alongside the material I find worthwhile.

Adding this for hindi sila kaibigan, at mayroon nang nakatanggap ng bala.

Adding this because sandpaper. Also because a snippet on the radio (bots with pet humans) speculated on how much AI-generated writing affected the situation, which I of course tied to of course it had to be cats.

Ending with this - I know I've linked to the video before, but my onions are now at that specific timestamp.

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