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Good to see study material's still keeping the rhythm in dialogue, video, and captions.

Should I applaud the consistency of one who'll do about one son what he does for another? I wonder who would choose to tolerate a corrupt sundowner-in-chief with this sort of backup.

Oh, yeah.

Congratulations on your choice. All the thumbs up to you. (/s)

Adding this here because grieving father or not, that is not where the son died. It's bad enough that he suffered from cancer because of his time in the military, but saying he died there is emotion-driven misinformation used as campaign fodder. All the thumbs up to your choice, Junction Dweller.

Adding this because at first I thought it was someone else's assumption that caused the mess, but thank you for teaching the example of not going along with someone else's equine adage.

By the way, with all the talk about the future for children, how are the literacy rates coming along?

Weather eye on what a 豺狼政权 has to deal with among its own.

Ending with this because it may be early, but it's still funny.

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