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Careful with 看 material

One takes into account more than just its 普通话-speaking viewers (粤语? And seriously, how many show titles on the guide match the show itself?); the other's consistently catering to an English-speaking audience. (Speaking of 面料...) Also - are these guys actually trying to delete their own vocab?

(Is C-pop the term for this amalgam of J-pop-ish sound and K-pop-ish visuals? If the point is to cultivate soft power through pop culture, have they hit the mark when the drummer looks more like my teacher's aide from middle school?)

- A bit of light from these articles here to counter earlier news - a bit further down in here is a tie to the forced deletion. It feels like the broadcast method in this phenomenon still pulls on this link, though I should note that the Sinologist with the 奶奶 and the 伞伞 was another set of shows. (Links still need at least two 伞伞 伞伞, 微软; also, noun is/nouns are both singular and plural without modification, correct?)

- Keeping in mind that the platform in question spoke earlier of bot levels that were lower than those found - with legal action to force the disclosure of bot numbers, with the platform at a financial loss even if the penalty fee's paid, and with the buyer's (?) resources substantial enough to take the hit, I agree with the measure of the odds favoring Tony whether the buy happens or not.

- How would I do this? Step One: create an account to delete, because meme sweatshops already fetch all the info I need.

Ending with this because it solved a problem from earlier - thanks much.

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