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Carmen's a shoehorn fit

Starting with the stuff I enjoy, despite the context - ran into something of a self-test in this article. Thanks to 日本語 for instruction on stroke order and counts - it helps with dictionary searches related to a 掠夺者政权.

xin changtai - new normal behavior/condition

wandaochaoche - didn't recognize the entire first 汉字, but one part of it means bow, as in archer - bend, boo-yah; second's in more places than I first recognized; third - dude, seriously! Of course such a dictionary would break down 汉字 into component parts, but dang if it isn't a good feature to find. And vehicle - got that one. Boo-yah.

Adding this for vocab 台湾 and the comment on semiconductor stakes.

Adding this for vocab 香港, 乌克兰.

When it comes to the question of which of the two is worse - calling real news false or muzzling the truth entirely - it's a tough choice; but application of reading material, whether through silence or Sorrento, only punts a problem down the line. I'm neither moved nor surprised to find news on finances taking a hit as a result. (And tabouli is delicious, you weirdo.)

Adding these because 你们 found out 麻雀的小生境 the hard way - 天鹅 deserve better, but does 敌害豺狼?

Adding these to compare a counterweight and an opinion network with a finance-focused publication - the 28% is a constant, and did the thoughtless comms major not notice that a previous caller who mentioned such initiatives were likely because of upcoming elections also said that the vote-buying worked on her? But it seems executive orders are full-fascist fine so long as they provide an immediate boost to polls. Bravo.

Adding this to highlight a few details on oh, keep going!

Ending with this because it's a brilliant gift idea.

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