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Interesting what one encounters during the search for funny videos.

I wonder if the actual term used in here was 冒渎 or 亵渎, though considering 兄弟, I'm betting on 亵渎.

Was the flyover meant to needle a country it might see as helpless or a double-down two-finger salute to one that's chosen to oppose?

Since there are facets of life beyond my experience, I look to other views (huh, quote versus quote), because one circle or another will celebrate what the other sidelines.

If comedians (their output and treatment?) are a sort of canary in the mine, it looks like a great time to be on the outside.

Here are some articles in response to the patterns this news aggregator's feeding.

Replacing with a summary: whether or not there's a delay in the reaction, rest assured that I'm paying attention.

Ending with this because it could come in handy.

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