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Cats hunt.

Cats are non-native species in regions where they endanger native wildlife. Cats are, as was quoted, "the mop-up crew." (You can thank Faust*, writer, for getting that article into my recommendations.) So when cats hunt, as cats do, those animals that are too injured or weakened to flee, it's somehow worse than when humans do the same? (And I'm not talking about the opportunistic sort that looks for a target that's already under strain, shoots it in the leg, and has neither the accuracy or stomach to finish - but it isn't as clickbait-y to cover human hunters who perform euthanasia on such animals and deal with the fallout human consciousness brings to the act of killing what they don't eat.)

Humans enacting a program to deal with the ferals descended from animals their ancestors brought over is distasteful, but necessary to protect what's left of the wildlife that can be saved. However, twisting the issue in articles is an entirely human act. Cats are not the problem - people are.

On a side note, a person who decides to donate five minutes' worth of money while investing $1 billion to grow small businesses (in what I consider to be a long-term play to see who to buy out down the road) might consider having the term "ecological" added next to the term "economic" in that new epithet.

* 5/4/2020 - This, too, needs to be Mephistopheles, though if I remember correctly, credit where credit's due for taking a stand against the tentacle beast's hold on shopping.

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